The program for easy and secure manage of multiple social network accounts


Accovod features


Each account works completely independently, unlike regular browsers where you can authorize only one account


Helps automate work, warms up cookies on new accounts, allows you to wind up views and much more


The program monitors incoming new notifications from all your accounts in all supported social networks


Each account has its own cookie, proxy and unique fingerprint, which gives complete anonymity and protection

Account = Tab

Each account works as a separate browser tab, you can go to any sites and return to an authorized account at any time

Any accounts

Accovod works with all social networks:,,, and any other sites


Purchase Accovod

1 month

$15 $12

30 days

no auto-renewal

1 year


365 days

no auto-renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of profiles is unlimited!

Operating system Windows 7 or higher. Windows servers are supported too.

The program works with any site. It works especially well with integrated sites:,,,

After payment you will receive an email with a link to download and activate the program.

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