1. General

1.1. This document is a public offer of ACCOVOD.COM service (Georgia, Individual Entrepreneur Pavel Chiniaev) (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) and contains all essential conditions of service rendering.

1.2. Any natural or legal person who has visited https://accovod.com/ with the intention to purchase this or that service, and to pay for receiving the service, becomes a Customer.

2. Subject of the Offer

2.1. The subject of the Offer is free of charge rendering to the Customer of the services of promotion in the social network. social network.

2.2. The Contractor has the right at any time to change the terms of service and the terms of this public offer unilaterally without prior approval by the Customer, providing the publication of at the same time publishing the amended terms and conditions on the site https://accovod.com/, at least one day prior to their enactment.

3. Terms and Conditions of Services

3.1. Services are provided in full subject to 100% (one hundred percent) payment by the Customer.

3.2. The fact of purchasing of Information and consulting services is an unconditional acceptance by a Customer of the Offer-Agreement. The Customer using the services of the Contractor shall be considered as a person, entered with the Contractor in the contractual

3.2 Payment for materials is made on the website https://accovod.com/. Payment is made through the payment integrators.

3.3 After payment the customer receives the service immediately in the form of a developed program.

3.4. If the Customer has paid but hasn't received the program, you need to contact the support team Online or by email at accovod@gmail.com, providing proof of payment.

3.5. This contract has the force of the Act of Service. Acceptance shall be made without signing any certificates.

3.6. The Contractor reserves the right to disconnect the Customer without the right to a refund if the Provider reserves the right to disconnect the Client without right of refund if the rules of conduct are violated when commenting on the materials, namely inciting ethnic conflicts, spam, advertising obscene language, rudeness, insulting the author or participants, blackmail, slander. As well as in the case of providing software to third parties and/or attempting to decompile (hack) it.

4. Terms and Conditions of Refunds

4.1. Customer has the right to refuse to provide the paid licenses and demand a refund within 7 days or if the software fails to work due to the fault of the Contractor. Refunds are not issued if the payment was made in cryptocurrency and in other cases where it is technically impossible.

5. Responsibilities of the parties

5.1. The Executor is not responsible for the inability to serve the Customer for reasons related to disruption of the Internet channel, equipment or software on the part of the Customer.

5.2. In the case when the registration data (email address) contains false or incomplete data, The Executor shall not be liable to the Customer for informing not to the Customer, but to third parties.

5.3. The Executor shall not be liable for the way the Customer has used the received program and the results of its use by the Customer. for the results of its use by the Customer.

5.4. The Contractor's cumulative liability under the Offer Agreement, for any claim or suit regarding Contract of the Offer or its fulfillment is limited by the sum of the payment paid to the Contractor by the Customer under the contract of the Offer Agreement of the Offer.

5.5. For failure or improper performance of obligations under this public offer the Parties are responsibility in accordance with applicable legislation.

6. Term and amendment of the Agreement of the Offer

6.1. the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its signing (Acceptance of Offer) and shall remain in force until the Parties their obligations.

6.2. All disputes and disagreements shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties.