Update 4.6

Major update, which has redesigned the main window, added themes, refined the transfer of sessions between computers, upgraded the browser engine and made many other improvements.

In the new version, we’ve radically redesigned the interface of the main window, the thing we interact with the most. In the new sidebar we’ve combined all of the browser’s features:

The sidebar now contains: navigation buttons, address bar, search, favorites, settings buttons, and of course the profiles themselves. We’ve also added a light theme to choose from:

Fast editing of name and note, right in the profile list.

Updated the browser engine to the latest versions.

We have added saving localStorage data to the session. Some sites store authorization information in addition to cookies, so that the transfer of sessions on other computers will be more stable, authorization on such sites will not be dropped when transferring.

Simplified data settings in profile settings.

The old session format is no longer supported.

All rare versions of user agents have been removed from user agent database. 

Fixed errors when receiving notifications on social networking profiles.

Other improvements and fixes.

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