Update 3.7

Authorization by cookies at once, timezone by IP, new settings, improvements and fixes in version 3.7

Hi, this is Accovod!

Let’s start with adding an account. Previously, to add a cookie account, you had to add an empty account and only then import its cookies. That was a lot of extra steps. Now we’ve added a function to authorize the account by cookies immediately when you add it. How it works:

It’s simple, when adding in Settings check the “Cookie Authorization” box and insert the cookie in JSON format. Then click Add, cookies are imported and by the time you go to the site, you immediately find yourself in an authorized account. This is faster and more enjoyable.

Cookie converter from netscape to json format is available at https://accovod.com/cookieConverter/.

There you may see a new icon in timezone field, click on it and timezone will be defined automatically based on specified in the account proxy tab, if there is no proxy – your timezone.

Now you can manually specify the type of proxy. After ip:port specify socks4 or socks5. If it is a HTTPS proxy, you do not need to specify the type.

Also, added the function to check the proxy, but have hidden it, to check the proxy click on the inscription Proxy or in the proxy field, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + p.

In the account settings, you can now change the site and the saved value of login:password. To do this, click on the inscription Account data.

In the session manager there is a button Export accounts in the format login:password:proxy:user-agent.

In the settings we have added feature “Autoclearance of cache”, it will be useful if the disk volume is small, in other cases we do not recommend to activate it.

And if you right-click on a page, then in the menu you can choose “Repeat authorization”, this works in cases if the program saved account login:password data and only on supported sites.

Improved first load speed of session manager.

Improved canvas spoofing.

Other improvements and fixes.

Read the whole list of features in the telegram channel https://t.me/accovod/43

Any suggestions? Write in comments or via support contacts.

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