Update 3.8

The new version of Accovod has changed the format of session storage, redesigned the account panel, improved fingerprint swapping, added new features and fixed bugs.

New session storage format

We changed the format of storing sessions. The old format had a few disadvantages – if the program crashes, the session could be damaged, and although it happened very rarely and in any case, Accovod saves backups, but we believe that the safety of accounts and the stability of the work should never be compromised.

Another factor for the transition, already in the algorithm of the work, when opening a session on another computer in some cases, cookies could reset, which was also solved, but still no good.

The new format is stable, reliable and fast. Session conversion will happen automatically and you probably won’t notice anything. Just believe me, a lot of internal work has been done, and the stability and reliability are much higher.

Updated list of accounts

When we first started developing the program, we focused on a specific task – convenient and secure management of multi-account social networks. The needs of our customers quickly grew beyond just social networks, we quickly added support for working with any site, but visually it looked so-so. For social networking sites the photos were automatically pulled up from the page, and for other sites there were just filled-in circles with an icon in the corner.

Eventually we replaced the little icon in the corner with a full site logo. When there is an account photo – it is loaded from the page, otherwise the site logo is used. This works for any site.

It also added a button to edit the account settings. Previously this function was performed by a separate button on the top right of the address bar. Now it will be more logical and faster to go to the settings.

In general, we worked out different small elements. We will continue to expand the functionality and adapt the accounts panel. We plan to switch groups and sessions right on the list.

Other features and improvements

  • We have added the substitution of the platform parameter in the fingerprint.
  • Improved fingerprint swapping.
  • Added remembering the last custom site when adding it.
  • Added checkbox to change account details in settings.
  • Added choice of standard user agent base (Chrome or Firefox). Will be especially useful for those who work with google services.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to unlogging accounts when transferring sessions to another computer.
  • Fixed an issue with the failure to delete cache on deleted accounts and sessions.
  • Other fixes and improvements.
  • Any suggestions for new features? You can write us in telegram, by mail or in the comments.

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