Update 4.2

We updated the browser engine, made a few improvements and fixes, improved some parameters fingerprint and automatic authorization.

Upgraded the chromium engine to the latest stable version.

Made automatic authorization on sites with step-by-step data input. Accovod supports automatic authorization for some sites, but until recently authorization was possible only if login and password fields were on the same page. Some sites began to enter authorization in two steps, first you enter your login, press the button and only then appears the password field and login button. Improved authorization for these sites, such as vk.com, twitter.com. Also it will help in the future to make a universal auto-login for any site.

Fixed a serious bug, which restricted the use of RAM and reduced performance.

Improved the replacement of the new parameter fingerprint – userAgentMetadata. The parameter will be replaced depending on the type of browser and user agent version. It will be disabled for older versions, where this parameter was not yet available. In general, everything is as it should be.

Other improvements and fixes.

By the way, you can suggest any idea for the new version and we will consider it thoroughly, write in comments or in support, in chat, via email, in telegram.

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