Update 3.9

We have redesigned the address bar and added search and account navigation directly from the address bar. Selected mobile user agents by default. Stopping all running tasks. Adaptation for Windows 11.

  • Redesigned address bar, added search engine selection and quick site navigation
  • We have added search and account switching from the address bar. You can search by site address, account name, and note.
From the address bar you can now: go to the site, search for something in the search engine of your choice, or go to the account of your choice.
  • Added feature to stop all running tasks
  • Added default mobile list to select user agents
  • Added new system languages for profiles
  • Added autodetect timezone for ipv6 proxies
  • Adapted and improved compatibility for Windows 11
  • Improved context menu
  • Improved backup mechanism
  • Fixed bug with calling download dialog window on empty pages
  • Fixed bug with broken photos on accounts of some sites
  • Other improvements and fixes

By the way, you can propose to us any ideas for new features. You can send your suggestions to support or here in the comments.

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