Update 4.0

We have updated the browser engine, improved the built-in Automator module, and worked on other app functions.

We have upgraded the browser engine to the latest version. More stable and faster work.

We have improved the built-in Automator module:

  • Added the ability to select an element via xPath (css selector, xPath and Point are now available to choose from)
  • Added new blocks: condition, get text, stop. More about blocks later in this article.
  • Added panel size adjustment
  • Added unlimited nesting of blocks (for Repeat and Condition blocks)
  • Improved element identification
  • Redesigned

In settings, we’ve added new user-agent lists for Chrome:Latest and Firefox:Latest. These lists, unlike the main ones, have only a few always the latest browser versions.

Improved control over the integrity of the database during crashes, including computer crashes.

Improved fingerprint spoofing.

Redesigned the address bar and pop-up bar.


  • Fixed bugs in the search bar.
  • Fixed errors with downloading files on some sites
  • Fixed errors with item selection by click in Automator
  • Fixed errors with stopping at empty block in Automator
  • Other improvements and fixes.

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